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Air Compressor Spares & Accessories


We meet our customer’s most needed requirements of air compressors; pneumatic tools; vacuum pumps; manual/electric and air operated hoists; air motors; manual pallet truck; manual & battery operated stackers and hydraulic tools/cylinders with experienced, knowledgeable sales team and service team.

You can experience our presence in most of the industrial verticals like automobile, paint/color, food processing, agro, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, garments industries, special and general engineering.


ANEST IWATA’s manual spray gun is designed specifically for spraying primers, sealers and fillers.

The manual spray guns creates a sharp edged spray pattern designed for optimal overlap. This combined with the fine soft atomization helps to reduce over spray and increase working speed.


  • A sharp edged spray pattern reduces over spray and minimizes masking
  • Fine atomization creates an even film and saves sanding time


ANEST IWATA automatic spray guns are available in various configurations to suit a wide range of applications and processes. Our compact size SGA100, small size WA100/LPA100 and the full size WA200/LPA200 allow end users to accommodate multiple applications. The WA100/200 and LPA100/200 series gunís fluid passages are made of stainless steel and are suitable for spraying waterborne and solvent borne materials consistently.

Our WRA100, WRA200 and LRA200 series guns are designed for remote fan control and fluid circulation for specific materials that rapidly settle and require continuous circulation.

ANEST IWATA automatic spray guns are suitable for mass production with automatic painting equipment, reciprocators or robotic painting.


ANESTA IWATA's painting equipments delivers fluid consistently for coating with one or two spray guns. This equipments may be used with air spray guns or HVLP spray guns where constant material supply is required.


  • Easy Handling and Installation
  • Easy Color Change and Cleaning
  • Easy Maintenance


  • Industrial: Metal products & machinery – steel furniture, construction, metal structures, etc.
  • Furniture: Cabinets, bookcases, tables, etc.
  • Refinish: trucks, buses, trains, etc.



The Waterborne conversion Solutions High Performance center post gravity feed high transfer efficiency spray gun combines LV Technology with High-TEC standards and our tulip inspired spray pattern complies with regulations for the application of coatings within specific areas and approval is subject to the conditions of your regional air quality agency.


For nearly 50 years, ANEST IWATA has provided nothing but the finest products to the top artists and creative professionals worldwide with elite products that push airbrushing to new frontiers. Iwata-Medea is the US division for ANEST IWATA Airbrushes and related Air Compressors for North, Central and South America.

ANEST IWATA airbrushes set the standard by which all other airbrushes are measured. This is proved daily by the impressive roster of elite professionals throughout the world who prefer ANEST IWATA over any other brand.